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Medical Radiation Centers Ltd funds and promotes the development of radio-surgery (RS) and radiotherapy (RT) centers in mostly developing countries by providing:

  • The best care for the fast-growing and aging population in emerging markets.
  • Access to worldwide experts in radiotherapy and neurosurgery.
  • Quality control, training, supervision, and monitoring of performance.
  • A uniform high-quality, multi-disciplinary level of care to every patient.
  • Standards of excellence for RT/RS centers.

MRC’s Social Responsibility

Click here to access PDF on MRC’s Social Responsibility

Availlbility of medical sevices, let alone specialized medical services, in the developing world has been, and still is, often dependent on external aid in the shape of the Red Cross, Medecins Sans Frontieres and the like. For obvious reasons, this is not a sustainable situation as millions of people are dependent on the political whims of western governments who adjust their commitment to help or not help in function of the state of their respective nations’ economy and/or the prevailing political climate ahead of, or after, an election. So charity alone, however highly desirable, does not make the trick.

At the same time a dogmatic debate is ongoing in certain countries regarding the generation of profi ts from medical treatment as opposed to state-directed medical care. It is claimed by some that free medical care and profi table medical care are uncommensurate and mutually exclusive. The management of MRC believes that profi table medical care is not only desirable but a precondition for charity and thus a basic element of viability and long term stability in medical care.

The charitable or social element in the MRC business model is clearly outlined in this memorandum and becomes the more underlined by the active involvement of institutions such as Grameen, Cedimat, and others. MRC’s management team is highly committed as social contributors through their everyday work in MRC, and investors are now offered the opportunity to contribute along these lines while, at the same time, participate in an exciting business venture, which, if successful, will have contributed to a vastly increased quality of life for thousands of patients, today medically out of reach.

MRC’s social responsibility in reaching out to people in need of care, and in providing state-of-the-art treatment to people of all means, both wealthy and poor, is an integral part of MRC’s business objective. MRC’s business model provides to developing countries the following:

  • medical procedures not already available,
  • state-of-the-art equipment,
  • international standards of medical care,
  • cooperation and assistance by world-renowned medical experts,
  • financing,
  • and training of local doctors, physicists and nurses in these countries.

But we can do much more, with the available human, financial and technical resources.

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