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MRC Consulting Services

The team of Medical Radiation Centers Ltd. has extensive experience around the world in the development and management of cancer centers, radiotherapy centers, and radio-surgery centers. As a complement to MRC’s core business of investing in, and developing its own centers, MRC and its team of highly experienced international business managers, oncologists, radiation oncologists, radio-surgeons, neurosurgeons, physicists, lawyers, architects, engineers, and financial managers provide highly specialized consulting services to other clinics and hospitals. These services include:


1. Project Description
2. Business Plan
3. Structuring of Competitive Treatment Prices
4. Financial Projections and Financial Risk Assessment
5. Defining Priorities and Project Calendar
6. Financial and Ownership Structuring
7. Legal Structuring and Legal Documents
8. Production and Review of Contracts and Agreements
9. Identification of Potential Senior Medical Staff
10. Defining needs of Equipment
11. Evaluation of Competing Brands of Equipment
12. Preparation of Package for Banks and Financial Institutions
13. Architectural Plans from Basic Radio-surgery Centers to Complete State-of-Art Clinics
14. Advice on Bunker Construction
15. Interview and Evaluation of Administrator Candidates


1. Follow-up on Construction
2. Interview and Evaluation of Senior Medical Staff Candidates
3. Training of Senior Medical Staff
4. Setting up Marketing and Public Relations Program
5. Negotiations with Public and Private Insurers
6. Development of Medical Protocols
7. Establishment of Medical Review Board of Experienced International Medical Professionals
8. Establishment of Research Programs


1. Implementation of Marketing and Public Relations Program
a.   Seminars at the MRC centers and hospitals in the catchment area for doctors and nurses
b.   Visits to potential referring physicians
c.   Promote contact with local media for medical information
d.   Presentations and exhibits at national and international medical conferences
e.   International Marketing
f.   Provide experts and expert advise for a-d
2. Medical Auditing:
a.   Identify staff responsible for quality assurance
b.   Audit/establishment of instructions for procedures and protocols
c.   Audit guidelines for patient selection
d.   Audit medical records
e.   Audit treatment plans
f.   Follow-up with Medical Director
g.   Reports to the CEO and board members
3. Additional Training of Medical Staff
a.   Basic training of new physicians and nurses on site
b.   Advanced training on site
c.   Off-site training of medical staff from different MRC centers
d.   Interactive training and support via internet
e.   Second-opinion through telemedicine
4. Perfecting and Adding Medical Diagnostics and Treatments
a.   Expanding your center
b.   Additional medical specializations
c.   Competitive edge in your local and international markets

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