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For many years, MRC’s shareholders and partners have participated in advising and training hospitals and clinics around the world on the establishment, development, and management of radiotherapy centers, radiosurgery centers, and comprehensive cancer centers. Several of our colleagues are still active as doctors or surgeons at similar centers in many different countries. Today, we have joined together to invest, participate and use our expertise in the development of such centers mostly in developing countries, usually in joint venture with well-known local hospitals and clinics or with important health organizations. Some of these centers include:


Cancun Oncology Center, Cancun

A joint venture with the Galenia hospital. The center opened in December 2012, and includes consultations, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and radiosurgery.

For further information on Galenia hospital, please click here or on the picture.

TEC100 Cancer Center, Queretaro

A joint venture with the Medica TEC100 hospital. The center opened in September 2013, and includes consultations, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

Dominican Republic

Centro Gamma Knife Dominicana, Santo Domingo

A joint venture with Cedimat hospital. The center includes a Gamma Knife for radiosurgery of the brain.

For further information on Cedimat hospital, please click here or on the picture.


MRC/Grameen Cancer Center, Dhaka

A joint venture with Grameen Kalyan, a division of the Grameen Group founded and developed by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Prof. Muhammad Yunus. The center will open in late 2014, and will include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, brachytherapy, and stem cell transplantation. The center will dedicate part of its resources and equipment time to the poor and those with limited financial resaources.

For further information on the MRC/Grameen Cancer Center, please click here or on the picture.


Comprehensive cancer center in Ecuador

A joint venture with a major private hospital in Ecuador, to open in mid-2015.

In addition, we are currently negociating centers in Mexico (Monterrey and Queretaro), Peru (Lima), Chile (Santiago), Colombia (Cartagena and Bogota), Argentina (Buenos Aires), El Salvador (San Salvador), and Saudi Arabia (Riyadh).

For further information on our projects and centers, please contact MRC.

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